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Bold Prints: The Girl Boss Blazer Dress

I love being creative and I have used my paintings to create one of a kind fabrics/patterns. This Blazer Dress is available for pre-order only. The design came from a painting that I used different color paints to pour over canvas.

Bold Prints: Island Life Jacket.

This Fabric/Pattern was also created from a painting. It is a representation of my Caribbean upbringing and just the liveliness that comes to mind when you think of Caribbean life. I did the painting initially on a T-shirt and posted it on my social media. Everyone loved it and encouraged me to create a pattern from it and that's how this jacket came to be.

Get to know our CEO

Zavia is a creative genius who loves food, art and fashion. The brand, Zavia Walker, has been years in the making, but I feel like the time has finally come for me to shine and for others to also see my light. I love creating one of a kind pieces that will be around for years and that will be very easy to dress up or dress down. Thank you all for coming on this journey with me.