About us

A fashion and lifestyle brand, designed for those who want to look and feel good. Our original art, created for the modern man or woman, fuses exclusive hand painted prints, with classic style. The essence of Zavia Walker is empowerment. By embodying our "self-accepting and fearless" message with our effortless chic aesthetic, we invite you to embrace your individuality, while exuding confidence in your personal style. Brand Zavia Walker was founded in the beautiful Island of Jamaica and was recently relaunched in the United States. All our pieces are ethically made, paying great attention to detail, with fun colors and patterns that are sure to be conversation starters.

Zavia has always had a love for fashion and designing. When she was a child, she would often play dress up with her older sister's clothes. She then took an interest in Art in school. Zavia is from the beautiful island of Jamaica, which is a melting pot of various cultures, and this inspired her even more. 

In 2013, Zavia was diagnosed with the Autoimmune Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and this is when she started brand Zavia Walker. At this point, designing was a much-needed refuge from the many symptoms that she was experiencing. She started making jewelry and then found a niche in making handmade sandals in Jamaica. Before migrating to the USA in 2018, she was a high school teacher in Jamaica for 10 years, where she taught English Language, English Literature and Communication Studies. She loved teaching and helping her students but yearned for a change.

Her handmade sandals, jewelry and one of a kind T-Shirt designs and various works of art have been featured on Television Jamaica and CVM TV (The top two local television stations in Jamaica), as well as The Jamaica Gleaner and The Star (two of the most read newspapers in Jamaica)

Zavia uses her paintings and other works of art to create patterns, and in turn, prints her patterns on various fabrics which she uses to make her clothing line. She draws inspiration from her Caribbean roots and her travels when creating her one-of-a-kind lifestyle products. Our products range from fashion, to beauty, to home and décor items.

Brand Zavia Walker aims to empower and inspire the next man or woman to go after their dreams, to be confident no matter what. 

"I want my customers to experience confidence and empowerment when they come into contact with my products. Brand Zavia Walker is an experience that our customers love, and we have formed a great community because of it." 

                                                                                              - Zavia